Resurfaced Jennifer Aniston Interview Has the Internet Raging AND for Good Reason!

A David Letterman interview has resurfaced for which he has been deemed 'inappropriate'. It is SO uncomfortable to watch!

The clip is from 1998 and features the late-night talk show host, now 73, interviewing Jennifer Aniston - and sucking on her hair.

Suddenly Letterman emerges from behind his desk and, unbidden, approaches Aniston and grabs some of her hair. He then puts it in his mouth and sucks on it.

Just awful! Letterman then hands her a tissue in the clip and she, unamused, wipes his saliva off her hair.

'What are you doing?' she asks, to which Letterman mutters something about a steam room.

Watch: If you're unable to watch follow this link.

'Don't worry, we'll take it out in editing!' he adds after Aniston notes that members of the crew and audience are watching, looking aghast.